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Here are some questions I regularly get asked by prospective clients.

Your Questions, Asked & Answered.

Are you an expert in my industry?

I believe YOUR people are the experts, and it’s their opinions the audience wants to hear.

My job is to get the best out of them. Having said that, yes, I’ll be totally across the subject, and know the right questions to ask of the right people. Be assured, your delegates will assume I have an excellent knowledge of their field and the challenges facing them.

What industries do you cover.

Quick answer – several.

I’ve hosted conferences in retail, energy, renewables, food, farming, transport, finance, manufacturing, supply chains, telecomunicaitons, cyber security, tech and many many more. I’ll do all my research, ask you key questions during the prep stage, and ensure I know the big issues and challenges facing your industry or company.

Anywhere in the world?

Yes, although most of my events are based in Europe. Always happy to travel.

How much do you charge.

I work on a set rate for your event. All research, planning, pre-preparation is included. If you need to chat dozens of times as the line-up changes, that’s all fine with me.

Do you do team building and workshops

Yes, and I’ve got lots of ideas on what works, and what may not.


Choosing the right person to bring on-board is a big decision.

Is it all confidential?

Of course, that goes without saying. I’ve chaired several internal conferences where the company has been going through a tough time. I’m always happy to agree an NDA. Plus, If I feel there could be a conflict of interest with my other media work, or other current clients, I simply won’t take the job.

What size events do you cover?

Any. I’ve hosted C-level panel sessions for two-dozen, or team-building ‘change’ roadshows for hundreds. I adapt my delivery and style to match what’s required.

Why don’t I get one of my own colleagues to do the job?

If you’re happy and confident they’re the best person for the job – then go ahead. Why not. However, if you need someone independent, or someone to give confidence to other nervous speakers, or simply someone with unlimited experience in keeping energy, participation and engagement up throughout your event. Then give me a call.

Who do you work for?

My clients are a mix of UK-based companies, and industry trade associations. I’ve worked for European Governments, and NGOs. Clients tend to be UK or Europe based.

I’m proud to say the vast majority of my work comes from recommendations – and the vast majority of those clients are repeat bookers.

I’ve been working with some specific clients for over ten years, seeing them through both good times and bad.

"I can honestly not fault Sasha, I would 100% recommend her and you will not want anyone else once you have used her, I can guarantee it!"

Are you independent?

Totally – and that is often why I immediately get conference delegates on side. When you hire me, you hire help and support for your board and CEO (or industry) plus the independence that means conference delegates trust the honesty and transparency of an event.

What’s your style?

Whatever your event needs! I chair tough Q&A sessions, technical panel debates, emotional change-workshops, probing CEO interviews, and moral-raising team building challenges. I adapt as necessary.

Internal or external conferences?

Both. But, please let me make it clear that during the event I am not there to endorse your client, or advertise your business. I am simply there to facilitate a great conference. Nor I am there representing any of the main-stream media companies that I also broadcast for.

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